Door Sills

You can easily improve your car’s interior feel with with a set of our custom door sills.

Pick from our range of quality door sills in billet aluminium, posh carbon fiber, stainless steel, and ABS plastic which can conveniently conceal an entry way area that are scratched, scuffed, or scraped. These accessories can also help your new vehicle maintain its pristine entry way always looking new. We can have your door sills according to your preference be it illuminated or bearing a prestigious factory brand factory logo.

Every time your car door is opened, your door sill is an accessory that is sure to catch the eye. Especially if what you have in your car are polished and gleaming stainless steel door sills.

If you are a car enthusiast, you know that small things and details matter as well, and we can have yours enhanced with a factory-made door sill or something with model logos for a custom touch- you gotta express your passion for cars! We can have yours upgraded and custmozied with 3M adhesives or whatever kind of door sill you prefer.

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